Street Art is Becoming Popular in Nur-Sultan

Street art is becoming popular in the capital of Kazakhstan. A popular direction in the monumental painting titled ‘murals’ appeared on the facades of the city buildings as part of the International Art Festival.

Large drawings on the walls of high-rise buildings were made by masters from Kazakhstan and other countries.

This year 104 artists proposed more than 200 works to the jury.

The city council chose only the best 20 out of them. Finally, three of the best drawings were drawn in the Saryarka district. A golden eagle was illustrated by the Russian artist Sokolov together with a Kazakh artist.

The murals were first drawn in Mexico more than 90 years ago. The trend from Latin America quickly spread throughout the world.

Experts say that any city gains its own breath and uniqueness thanks to the drawings on the facades. This is an important fact in the age of globalization and urbanization.

“We conducted surveys during the festival and many residents noted that when they see murals, they feel that they are in the capital and immediately guess their city. This is very important for a new and emerging city like Nur-Sultan. In addition, it is the creation of the new tourist attractions,” said ‘Urban Art Astana’ Festival Curator, Olga Veselova.

Artists from Argentina, Japan and Europe took part in the International festival in the capital of Kazakhstan.