Center of Artisans to be Launched in Aktau

The main goal of Aktau’s craftswomen is to preserve and increase the craft traditions of the Great Steppe.

One of them is Medina Orazgaliyeva who devoted more than 60 years to creating the furniture for yurts. Orders for her items come from all over Kazakhstan.

The craftswoman creates such amazing and memorable things. Recently, she made an original lamp for a yurt in a national style.

Due to her talent, Medina Orazgaliyeva has repeatedly become the best in many competitions of applied art.

“Many people say that it is impossible to make such a number of items by myself. I’m on the machines using two hands so that I can make two decorations for yurts at the same time. I embroider ornaments in different ways and separate them,” said craftswoman.

Felt master Aues Sagynayeva revived the ancient craft. She manually creates unique items from camel hair.

Currently, the woman shares her knowledge with everyone. Her cutting and sewing courses are very popular in the region. 30 women attended the sewing course in one month.

Two other masters, Akkumis Kospayeva and Kalekesh Zhusipova, own the technique of creating Kazakh yurts. Training is carried out at home.

In general, they plan to open a center of artisans in order to preserve and increase the presence of ancient art in the region.

Experts said that it will help attract tourists.