Nur-Sultan hosted Festival of National Games

A National Games Festival was held in Kazakh capital. Over 15 ethnocultural associations living in Kazakhstan presented their national games.

National games develop logic, dexterity and creative thinking as well as eliminate boredom. It is an integral part of the culture of any nation and its heritage. Each of the games not only reflects certain sociocultural features of the ethnic group, but also presents its history and development. People living in the republic remember about their traditions including the national games.

Bashkirs are known for their pillow fights, while Armenians and Azerbaijanis introduced backgammon to the world. Card games are popular among the eastern people. Koreans often play Hato, a game that came to them from Japan.

“Hato game is very popular among us and in our ethnic area. It is played in a noisy company. Hato is originally from Japan. There are 48 cards in the deck, 12 suits, 4 cards in each suit,” said Representative of Korean Diaspora in Kazakhstan, Tamara Shegai.

Traditional Kazakh game also was presented at the festival. The ‘Asyk Atu’ game master-class was specially arranged for the guests.