Premier of ‘Scarlet Sails’ Musical in Astana Opera

A fairy tale is about an unshakable faith and an all-conquering dream. The premier of the Scarlet Sails musical took place on the stage of Astana Opera theatre.

The legendary romantic love story, written by Alexander Green, was presented on the capital’s large-scale stage by the Karagandy Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy troupe.

“This musical is regarded as a necessity because today it is in the open spaces of theatrical art. ‘Scarlet Sails’ is the most popular musical in the most popular genre. The leading director of musical theater art, Susanna Tsiryuk was invited to stage it. The wonderful Morozov, the ballet master also worked with us,” said Director of Karagandy Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy, Amantai Ibrayev.

Bright choreographic compositions in the best traditions of modern dance art have become the highlight of the musical performance. The technical capabilities of the capital’s stage, coupled with elaborate costumes, allowed viewers to plunge into the atmosphere of that time.

The repertoire of the Karagandy Theatre of Musical Comedy has about 300 plays. The troupe’s creative potential is also demonstrated by its diverse collection of modern musical plays and the pearls of the world classical operetta.

One of repertoire is the ‘Bajadere’ operetta by the famous Hungarian composer Imre Kalman who will also perform on the metropolitan stage by the Karagandy theatre artists.