Kazakh Filmmakers Intend to Conquer Global Market

Kazakh filmmakers have won the hearts of viewers with their historical projects.

Experts said that films about nomads should be a brand of Kazakh cinematography. They said that this has become a trend globally.

Over the last 10 years, Kazakhstan’s film industry has been flourishing. In 2009, less than 10 movies are filmed whereas today there are more than 50 films shot in one year.

Currently, 85 percent of local movies are produced by small private companies.

Representatives of the film industry said that it is necessary to produce large-scale films based on state orders.

I decided that we should produce a movie about nomadic lifestyle or a movie with historical genre. International viewers can get a little bored with Star Wars and Robocops. People want to feel nature, to smell the horses right from the screen. I believe this is our niche,” said President of ‘Kazakhfilm’ Studio, Arman Asenov.

In recent years, local films such as Kazakh Khanate, Zhauzhurek Myn Bala, Mustafa Shokai and the Sky of My Childhood have been produced by Kazakhfilm Studio. The movies are highly appreciated by the local audience.

In the future, Kazakhfilm has great plans in terms of movie production.

After the adoption of the Law on Cinematography, a National Cinema Center was opened in the country. It directly deals with the distribution of funds to produce films. Now Kazakhfilm will provide the services, Asenov added.

Cinema is a spiritual, cultural and ideological world that reflects the past and the present. The cinema changes constantly in order to be up to date with the current trend.

Kazakhstan has many talented people working in the film industry. Today the country needs experienced, knowledgeable and professional producers.

We have just started to create an institute of film production. In Hollywood, this professional area began in 1930s while in Europe it started in 1940s. The range of a producer’s work is huge. A film producer should be a specialist who can cover all the areas of production,” said film director, Satybaldy Narymbetov.

Film experts said that the return on investment for a feature-length historical film with a huge budget can be recovered by streaming the movie internationally.

In addition, the prospects in this area are opening up due to international cooperation.

Photo: qostanai.media