Nur-Sultan hosted Festival of Youth Theaters


Creative youth from Kazakhstan and Russia met in the Kazakh capital.

Nur-Sultan hosted the second international festival of youth theaters, ‘The Lucky Ticket.’

Five amateur theaters of both countries arrived for the event. They came to present six performances.

The festival gives an opportunity to the creative teams to showcase their works internationally and exchange the experience.

The festival is organized by the National Youth Theater, ‘Sovremennik,’ with the support of Nur-Sultan Mayor’s office and the Russian Center for Science and Culture in the capital.

Organizers said that last year, the opening ceremony was performed in the Alice in Wonderland theme. There is no age limit for the participants. Creative teams consist of children and teams of adults aged over 30.

“We get to know new people. There is some sort of creative and social development taking place. Last year, we attended master classes and talked to other theater participants. We are truly gaining new experiences,” said actress, Aleksandra Bebenina.