Festival of Kazakh Culture in Russia

The Tugan Zher festival of Kazakh creativity took place at the Verkhneuralskiy district at the Russian border. The festival is organized for the sixth time this year.

National centers of Chelyabinsk, Kurgan and Sverdlovsk showcased their talents. A delegation from Kostanai attended the celebration as well.

The festival program was very memorable and interesting. There were sports events, master classes, games, song performances and delicious food. Different contests are organized as well including the best yurt.

A competition of the best Kazakh grandmother was organized as well. The age of participants ranged from 55 to 60.

The most exciting contest is Zhaima. It was organized for the first time at the festival. The participants had to roll the thinnest pastry for the Kazakh dish, beshbarmak.

“I bow my head to our grandmothers who managed to preserve the ancestors’ traditions and pass it down to us. Secrets of how to make kurt, cottage cheese, butter and other dishes are preserved,” said Jury member in Russia, Gulsara Turgunova.

Meanwhile, horse racing was also organized at the festival.

Based on estimations, 5,000 visitors are expected to attend the Tugan Zher Kazakh national festival of creativity this year.

Photo: Хабар 24