Japanese Student Study Heritage of Korkyt-Ata

The cultural heritage of Central Asian countries is an area of great interest to foreigners.

A 22-year-old Japanese student learnt Kazakh language and wants to write a thesis about Korkyt-Ata, who is a legendary Turkic songwriter.

Takuro Ouchi, a senior student of Foreign Studies at Tokyo University, has visited the museum of the creator of kobyz.

He has been waiting for a long time to hear the sounds of the national instrument coming from intricate architecture statue on the Korkyt-ata Memorial Complex.

In the museum, I learned about history and saw unique exhibits of the ancient era. The sounds of kui that I listened to at the Memorial of Korkyt-ata set my soul on fire. I’m planning to listen to all the kuis of Korkyt-ata,” said Takuro Ouchi.

The spiritual heritage of Korkyt has a significant meaning for all nations of the Central Asian region.

Information on the philosopher can be found in Kazakh, Turkmen, Karakalpak and Oguz epos.

In the regional center, the young Japanese researcher has met with a scientist from the Kyzylorda State University. He has found a number of sources related to his research in this university.

“The arrival of the Japanese student who dedicated his research to great Turkic philosopher Korkyt ata can contribute to further advancement of our research. We invited mister Takuro after his graduation in Tokyo to apply for a master’s degree in Kazakhstan,” said Professor of Kyzylorda State University, Nurbol Appazov.

Previously, Japanese students were interested in technologies and now their attention is drawn to studying the spiritual culture.

Senior Staff of Internal Policy Department of Kyzylorda region, Talgat Makhanov believes that these research works allow opening new methods and approaches of studying world science.

Takuro said that he has learnt Kazakh in a year. He wanted to study Kazakh after finding about ‘Alpamys batyr’ epos in Japanese language. Then he studied Kazakh literature and culture.

This is Takuro’s second trip to Kazakhstan. He is planning to continue to support the spiritual and research connections with Kazakhstan.

Photo: kazislam.kz