Iran Hosted Day of Abai

Iran hosted the Day of Abai, the great Kazakh poet and philosopher.

Abai is well-known in Iran: his poems and philosophy is studied in special faculties. There is a monument of Abai in Tehran.

Iranians said that not only Abai’s verses are close to their heart but also his views that he readily shared with his readers. 

“The philologist I know translated Kunanbayev’s poems. These poems are very powerful. The very word ‘powerful’ is appropriate when describing his poems. What I remember is the lack of fear in his words as if he speaks to you, to his old friend.”

‘The one who shouts in anger is harmless. Fear the one who is silent in anger,’ said Kunanbayev and I keep repeating them to my kids. These worlds truly carry practical wisdom.”

The Iranians respect not only Abai Kunanbayev’s creativity but also his active life position. It is common that the majority of his works are permeated with demand for gender equality. This topic remains relevant in some regions in Iran.

The recent opening of the monument of Abai in Tehran shows how popular the Kazakh poet is in the Islamic Republic.

“Kazakhstan is a very friendly country for Iran. It was our pleasure to welcome your delegation led by Nursultan Abishevich during the opening of the monument of Abai. I’m sure that poems of Abai can strengthen the ties between our nations,” said Vice President of Iranian Peoples' Friendship Association, Reza Seedan.

Literature classes dedicated to the poet are being conducted in Tehran to further popularize his creativity and his works. The Iranians are encouraged to read Abai’s poems, introduced to his thoughts and preserved his works. Both schoolchildren and adults attend these classes.

“I got to know Kunanbayev’s works a year ago. He has a very precise way of expressing his thoughts – simple and clear. I’m sure that Abai is great but not the only poetic power of Kazakhstan. Students and young specialists of Iran, want to get to know more about your literature,” said attendee, literature class of Abai Kunanbayev, Erfan Moarefvand.

The style of Kunanbayev’s writing is similar to the one of Persian writers and this can help open Abai’s works to the younger generation in Iran.

Possibly in the near future, the works of the Kazakh thinker may be included in school curriculum as additional reading.

Thus, the poet can carry one more significant thought about the friendship of cultures between Kazakhstan and Iran after a hundred years.