Filming of TV Series about Fighter Pilots Takes Place in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s film industry is reaching a new level. Filming of TV series about pilots has been started in the country for the first time.

A large number of military technologies are involved in the filming process. Previously, there haven’t been such a diverse number of combat vehicles in local TV series. The fourth-generation fighter aircraft, SU-30SM has never been filmed in foreign movies.

A love story has also become part of the film’s script. The episodes are filmed based on true stories.

“Each episode is not only a romantic story but there are also emergency cases and situations related to airplanes and helicopters. ‘Hawks of the Steppe’ film can be interesting not only for the female audience. I think any man who dreamed of becoming a pilot can enjoy this film,” said Executive Producer of TV Series, Maksim Akbarov.

A team of writers is working on an episode, which shows the main characters heading to the mountains in search of lost tourists. The filming takes place at a real military airfield. Young actress Fariza Yeskermes stars as the only female pilot. The actress said that this acting experience is very interesting for her.

The 12-episode TV series is filmed with the support of Kazakh Ministry of Defense and commissioned by Khabar Agency.

The ‘Hawks of the Steppe’ will be premiered this fall on TV.