Abay’s Poetries Translated into Kyrgyz

Abai Kunanbaiuly’s poetries were translated into Kyrgyz. The publication was done by several authors. One of the authors is Perizat Almaz Kyzy.

She said that translating the Kazakh poet’s works was very interesting. The words of the poetries are simple, clear and understandable, while the rhyme helps to remember the poems easily. The poetries when combined create an overall picture which conveys philosophical meaning, making the reader think about life. 

The famous Kyrgyz poet, Aaly Tokombayev translated the most popular poetries written by Abai Kunanbaiuly in the first half of the 20th century.

“We decided to collect the poems and songs that were not so widely known to the public,” said Kyrgyz translator, Perizat Almaz Kyzy.

In each of the translations, the authors managed to reveal the depth of the poet’s philosophy. It was important to not only convey the meaning of the original texts, but to also do it as accurately as possible.

Translators said that it took more than one year to become closely acquainted with Abai’s writings. They tried to understand his view on life, the thing that motivates his creativity and how he felt about certain events as well as about his relationship with his relatives.

In order to collect the most interesting poetries, translators read Mukhtar Auezov’s book ‘The Path of Abai’.

The book has not been published, but there are plans to present it to the public. The circulation of the edition is 1,000 copies. But the books will not be sold as it will be handed over to local universities and school libraries.

The Embassy of Kazakhstan in Kyrgyzstan has allocated funds for research, collection of materials and publishing the book.

Photo: inform.kz