TV Series about Orbulak Battle to be shown in Kazakhstan

A television series about the famous Orbulak Battle will be shown in Kazakhstan in autumn.

The TV series tells about the battle in 1643, which is remembered in the history as the clearest example of heroism, courage and unity of people.

600 soldiers of the Kazakh Khanate, led by Zhangir Khan, held off the attack by 50,000 Dzungars for several days until the Samarkand army, led by Zhalantos Batyr came to their aid.

Famous actor, Bauyrzhan Kaptagai starred in the film.

According to the Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, both poets and zhyrau took part in the battle besides the army.

“They sang about heroism and courage of the warriors. Their words lifted the spirit of the soldiers,” he said.

The soldiers quickly built a defensive trap in a narrow gorge of Orbulak. The Dzhungars were defeated by losing more than 10,000 soldiers and they were forced to retreat.

Actor Kuanysh Kudaibergen says that it is a great honor to star in such a historical series.

“This historical film also tells about great love. I star as a batyr who falls in love with the sister of Sultan Zhangir. Patriotism and love win everything,” he said.

The TV series consists of eight episodes. The TV producers are sure that the audience will find the film very interesting.