Cultural Cooperation between Kazakhstan and Korea

The cultural cooperation between Kazakhstan and the Republic of Korea is expanding.

Every year, there is an increase of interest amongst the locals in Korean music, cinema, cuisine and language.

The Korean Cultural Center is a platform for residents to learn more about the Land of Morning Freshness. The center constantly organizes various exhibitions, master classes and events dedicated to the Korean traditions and customs.

Another way to get to know the culture of Korea is through regular film screenings. 

“Every week we select one film and show it throughout the week. It's completely free. We show films of the most diverse - from classics to modern films, of various genres. Cinema is one of the best ways to get acquainted with the culture of the country,” said Director of Korean Cultural Center, Lee Hye-Ran.

Koreans are also interested in Kazakhstan. Director of the center, Lee Hye-Ran said that many young people from South Korea are learning about the country and dream of visiting due to exposure on social networks.

Some of the destinations that are popular among Korean tourists include Kaindy, Shymbulak and Charyn Canyon.