Japanese culture festival was held in Nur-Sultan

Japanese culture festival was held in Nur-Sultan city. Master classes of ancient art forms were organized at the traditional event for the guests and residents of the capital.

The classes include Shodo Japanese calligraphy and origami. In addition, visitors also took part in Shogi, a Japanese national board chess game.

“We decided to choose traditional Japanese art forms in order to show the people in Kazakhstan our culture. These areas of art have been preserved from ancient times to the present day. The Japanese cherish their culture and honor it,” said teacher at Kazakhstan-Japan Center, Satoko Saito.

The festival guests could experience the national culture of Japan by watching traditional Japanese dances. For example, a dance dedicated to the Olympic Games, which will be held in Japan in 2020. It is believed that it symbolizes the feeling of gratitude to the ancestors.

“Bon Odori” is a traditional dance that the Japanese love to dance to, especially at the summer festival. And as far as I know, it corresponds to the theme of this festival, so we decided to perform this dance,” said Representative of the Embassy of Japan in Kazakhstan, Hiromi Shimasi.

Meanwhile, Japanese cuisine is becoming popular in Kazakhstan. Visitors of the cultural event had the opportunity to taste traditional dishes from the Land of the Rising Sun.

The dish “Curry Rice” had its origins from Indian cuisine, but it was brought to Japan hundreds of years ago, and during that time it became a traditional dish of Japanese cuisine. The Japanese curry is distinguished by its ingredients.

Japan is an ancient, tradition-rich state. Guests of the festival were also shown modern culture of the country. For example, costumes play and sports games. Japanese animation films are popular. The visitors also learned about new computer games.

In addition, the Kazakhs are also given lecture on the Japanese language.

Photo: fed.sibnovosti.ru