Preservation of folk art

Entrepreneur Tolganai Yelekbayeva focuses on promotion of the Kazakh applied art. According to the businesswoman, preservation of ancient traditions allows each nation to maintain its unique identity. Tolganai learned about the national arts and crafts at an early age. The craftswoman was born in the Russian Altai region. After returning to the ancestral country, Tolganai began creating items decorated with Kazakh ornaments.


- I have seen a yurt and its interior since childhood and it fascinated me. The yurt’s design depends on the skill and aesthetic taste of a certain person. The Kazakh ornaments are eternal. The ornaments reveal the craftsperson’s inner spiritual world. There are proportions, geometric accuracy and patterns that are always preserved.

Tolganai believes that entrepreneurship is not just starting a business, but also a great opportunity to promote the folk culture. People are attracted to items that reflect traditions and preserve the craftsperson’s individuality. According to the artisan, Kazakh traditional items sparked interest not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad and are especially popular among tourists from the U.S.A., Europe and Africa. The businesswoman contributes to the promotion of the Kazakh folk art worldwide. The entrepreneur has recently visited the Russian city of Chelyabinsk on a trade mission.


- I wish there was a shopping center in the shape of a yurt, where tourists could spend time. They would be greeted with baursaks, and shop for clothes and traditional instruments. I hope that such shopping center would be built here soon. I would like to wish every family in Kazakhstan to have their own yurt-house and a business.

With the support of state entrepreneurship programs, the businesswoman opened a camel wool socks factory in the Kazakh capital. Later, Tolganai began manufacturing blankets made of this natural material. The Kazakh people have long appreciated the beneficial properties of the camel wool. At the moment, the demand for such products is very high. Tolganai Yelekbayeva is a frequent participant of national competitions, such as ‘Altyn Sapa’, ‘Altyn Oimak’ and the ‘Uly Dala’ Exhibition of Local Producers.