Kazakhstan to Host Reciters’ Competition

Kazakhstan to Host Reciters’ Competition

Students in Kazakhstan are preparing for the “Tulpar minip, tu algan” reciters’ competition. 

Children should learn by heart the epic of “Kobylandy batyr”, explain the meaning of archaisms in the text, and answer the questions of the school program on Kazakh language and literature.

The Almaty students are preparing for the upcoming competition with great enthusiasm. The organizers say that knowledge of poetic texts has a positive effect on the culture of speech and the written literacy of the students.

The epic tells about the birth, childhood and youth of Kobylandy. This work helps to develop memory and learn history.

More than 1,000 students and 600 teachers from different schools will take part in the literature contest in Almaty region.

Meanwhile, there are more people interested to be in the competition such as 3,000 schoolchildren and 1,500 teachers from Kyzylorda region.

In all, 51,328 students and 23,128 teachers applied for the competition. The representatives of 5,621 schools will participate in the contest.

“Tulpar minip, tu algan” republican contest is being held in Kazakhstan for the second time. Last year, students learned by heart the epics “Alpamys batyr”. This year Kobylandy batyr was chosen, which was written on 132 pages.

The poem has 29 variants, but organizers preferred “Marabay zhyrau”. The contest is held among the 6th to 10th-grade students.

The competition was supposed to be held during the summer holidays but has been moved to the beginning of the school year.

Official representative of the competition, Serik Seitmamyt said that they can take part in contest. Children who have moved to the 11th grade will also be able to participate. Applications of the ninth grades who went to colleges are still valid.

Information about all of the participants is available on Qazaq-epos.com.

The regional winner will receive a cash prize of 1 million Tenge. A gala concert will be held in their honor in Nur-Sultan city at the end of the year.

Photo: Хабар 24