New Achievements of Kazakh Artists

Talents from Kazakhstan are conquering the world stages. Kazakh singer, Adilkhan Makin won the Grand Prize at the international talent festival “Slavianski Bazaar Vitebsk” this summer.

He has previously won the presidential award of the Republic of Belarus established this year.

Adilkhan surprised the Vitebsk audience and the jury who noted his versatile talent. The singer has a wide vocal range and he is equally good singing different notes.

Adilkhan has a vocal range of three octaves and sounds harmoniously both on low notes and on the upper ones.

“Nowadays, the audience is very sophisticated. So an artist has to always surprise the viewers from the stage. So that’s what he did,” said vocal coach, Ioannis Kaysidi.

Kazakh performers were also noted in another international competition, the festival of the modern Ukrainian song “Young Galichina”.

Kuanysh Erzatuly, Mereke Kenzhegulov and “Kazak Kizdary’’ band were among the laureates of the festival.

“On behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, our Government, I’d like to say that the government provides its support for talented people. This concerns sports too. Many wonderful talents have been able to showcase their achievements. This year is the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan,” said Minister of Culture and Sport, Aktoty Raimkulova.

The victories of domestic artists on major international stages is proof of development in arts and culture in Kazakhstan, many believe.