Famous Kazakh Opera ‘Kyz Zhibek’ Back in Astana Opera

Famous Kazakh Opera ‘Kyz Zhibek’ Back in Astana Opera

Astana Opera presented the new production of the famous Kazakh opera Kyz Zhibek. The story is based on a folk lyrical epic poem.

This time, the tragic love story was given new breath and presented to the sophisticated audience in a new light with the help 3D technologies and modern innovative solutions.

Life-size city walls created by the stage artists, bright costumes, video installations, light solutions and brilliant music by Evgeny Brusilovski combined with the voices of the talented singers of the opera house captured the audience from the first minutes of the performance to the very last. The production was an entirely new take on the classical piece.

“Our Opera house is the most technically advanced theatre of the country with a large stage that allows grand props and stage decorations. We made a full-fledged opera out of a dramatic musical piece. There are no talking dialogues, recitations. Every scene was a musical performance,” said Stage Director of Astana Opera, Yerenbak Toikenov.

‘Kyz Zhibek’ by an outstanding playwright and writer Gabit Musrepov was first staged 83 years ago. Then composer Yevgeny Brusilovsky combined the Kazakh folk songs, kuis and musical pieces by Zhayau Musa and Tattimbet Kazangapuly into a cohesive storyline.