Kazakh Pianist Impressed London’s Audience

Kazakh pianist has impressed London’s sophisticated audience. At the solo concert, Nurgul Nusipzhanova performed such famous compositions as Sonata-Fantasy No. 2 by Alexander Scriabin and Dumka by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. She also performed classical pieces by the Kazakh composers.

The cultural event was organized by the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the UK.

The Kazakh pianist grew up in a musical family. Her father, Nurgali Nusipzhanov, is a famous singer, People’s Artist of Kazakhstan, State Prize Laureate. Her mother is a music teacher.

Nurgul graduated from the Specialized Music School for Gifted Children in Almaty. She has earned international acclaim by competing in international music contests. Nurgul is one of the few Kazakh musicians who have been honored to perform at the Carnegie Hall in New York.

Nurgul wanted to introduce the London public with interesting musical arrangements of the Kazakh songs. These songs can be performed not only on authentic folk instruments but also on the classical ones.

“It would be great if more people got interested in such music. I can share my notes. We have beautiful music, it steals people’s hearts,” she said.

A lot of spectators showed up to enjoy the musical masterpieces. They appreciated the creative gift from Kazakhstan and said that they would attend Kazakh concerts again.

This was Nurgul Nusipzhanova’s debut in London. The musician has big plans. The pianist will continue her education and performing abroad. She hopes that more and more people will discover Kazakhstan and the vibrant music of the Great Steppe.

Photo: mfa.gov.kz