Almaty will Host ‘Friends of Denis’ Ice Show

Almaty will host an ice show on July 20th in memory of the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games, Denis Ten.

The brightest stars of world figure skating will attend the event to commemorate Denis and also to give fans performances and demonstrate the beauty of ice skating. This was the ambition of the great athlete who had worked so hard throughout his life.

According to Composer, Renat Gaisin, one of the specialties of the event is that compositions made by Denis will be played. The second part of the show will be similar to all the other Denis’ shows with a live orchestra.

“My desire is that viewers will understand that Denis is near to us and he is also on ice among all of us,” he added.

Eight performances of the first section will play the compositions created by Denis himself. A dance couple from Russia, Igor Yeryomenko and Sofia Shevchenko, will perform on ice to the music of Shostakovich. Denis Ten won the Olympics bronze medal after performing to this song in Sochi.

“I will perform to the composition which Denis performed in 2014. It is called ‘Mi Mancherai.’ It is very soulful and deep music, which I truly love to skate to. Friends, do come to the Denis and Friends ice show on July 20th. We look forward to see you there,” said Woman's World Junior Single Figure Skating Champion, Elena Radionova.

Denis Ten was an incredibly talented and creative person. He had not only performed on ice, but also composed music, written poetry and recorded songs.