Korpe Fest organized in Kazakh Capital

Korpe Fest organized in Kazakh Capital

The patchwork festival, ‘Korpe Fest,’ was organized in Nur-Sultan for the first time.

Hundreds of craftspeople from different parts of the country gathered to demonstrate their skills of making Kazakh national pillows and blankets. All of them have received special training from popular local ethno-designer, Yrza Tursynzada.

“Through the revival of our ancient craft and ancient traditions, we still have the woman of the Great Steppe. I see that year by year our women are becoming different: they are becoming level-headed, wise and patient,” she said.

The quilting technique takes its roots from the distant past. Today, it is being revived again and becoming very popular.

Most importantly, this kind of applied art is not just a hobby for some needlewomen, but instead, it is a profitable and promising type of business.

As part of the festival, there were free training lessons for women with many children on sewing and applied arts, as well as an exhibition of various products of the Kazakh national applied art.

Photo: bnews.kz