‘The Spirit of Eurasia’ Festival was Held in Kazakh Capital

Modern Ethnic Music Festival ‘The Spirit of Eurasia’ was held in the Kazakh capital. The event is a unique platform showcasing a variety of cultures.

13 music bands representing 14 countries had made a performance for the residents and visitors in the city.

The live performances were accompanied by interactive films about the participating countries.

The audience immersed themselves in the unique sounds and traditional instruments that were harmoniously combined with the modern electronic music.

The festival’s General Producer, Zhan Kasteyev said that this year organizers did their best to attract as many music bands as they could to the festival.

In addition to the participants from Eurasia, there were also teams that represent the African continent. The Mokoomba band from Zimbabwe was the highlight of the festival.

A band from Kazakhstan, Ashina, has been giving concerts since 2017. There are works of Kazakh composers and band’s own compositions in the repertoire. They perform different kuis. Their musical style can be characterized as the ‘new age’.

The musical show has become one of the most spectacular gifts for the Day of the Kazakh capital. The festival was organized as part of the Youth Year in Kazakhstan.

Photo: tengrinews.kz