‘Tole bi’ Series Presented to Public

Tole bi film series has been presented to the public. The historical series tells about the fate of outstanding personality of the Great Steppe and one of the authors of the code of laws, ‘Zheti Zhargy’.

It is known that since childhood, Tole bi was a very smart boy. When he was 9, he won the love and respect of people.

 According to stories through word of mouth, Tole bi had a good understanding about people. He had oratory skills and a phenomenal memory.

The main information partner of the 10-episode historical series, Tole bi, is Khabar.

According to General Producer of Khabar Channel, Aidos Turysbek, in the context of the main events of the film, the life of nomads and the epoch of formation of the Kazakh Khanate are narrated.

Film authors said that the main determining quality of the historical film is its authenticity and truthfulness. They had to carefully study the biography of Tole bi and the chronicle of that era, in order to accurately recreate not only historical events, but clothing, weapons and armor.

Tole bi had ruled Tashkent for years. He was an outstanding politician. He sent his son, Zholandy to China as a pledge in order to preserve peace and maintain friendly relations with China,” said director, Batyrkhan Daurenbekov.

The historical series was filmed in the Turkistan region, where Tole bi once lived. The multi-series was shot as part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program.