Opening of Bronze Sculpture ‘Look into the Future’

The Look into the Future monumental sculpture was installed in Shymkent. The monument was built on the area of Kazakhstan’s oldest pharmaceutical plant, Santo.

The architects believe that the artwork symbolizes innovative healthcare technologies.

The bronze sculpture embodies the future of Kazakhstan, healthcare and the factory. The idea to establish the monument originated two years ago when Santo celebrated its 135th anniversary.

The factory announced a competition among Kazakh sculptors and was won by an artistic group from Almaty.

“This sculpture reflects our company’s philosophy and development. The sculpture was made by young people. At the moment, our company focuses on young people,” said President of Starak Family Foundation, Elzbieta Dzikowska.

The digital engineering and educational center was opened on the same day in the factory and consists of two classrooms. The first classroom is aimed to enhance technical skills in automation and electronic systems, while the second classroom is a specialized computer class.

“As the President underlined, additional efforts were required to enhance the secondary technical training and we responded to this request,” said Santo Plant Director, Rustam Baigarin.

The students of the center will be trained for free. All expenses for its maintenance will be covered by Santo. About 100 million tenge were invested in the center’s establishment.

The facility’s main objective is to train specialists, as well as college and university students in IT, metrology, automation and technological process management.

The classrooms are equipped with modern equipment from Germany, Italy and the United States, which will provide better training opportunities. This approach will allow the trainees to understand the information better.