‘Genghis Khan’ Choreographic Play Was Premiered in Kazakh Capital

‘Genghis Khan’ Choreographic Play Was Premiered in Kazakh Capital


The ‘Genghis Khan’ choreographic play was premiered in the capital of Kazakhstan.

The story is about the great eastern conqueror and his legendary feat, about the fearless commander who was remembered in history forever.

The fight between light and darkness, war and love - these themes of perpetual scenes were reflected in a unique choreographic play presented by the ‘Naz’ State Dance Theater.

The producers managed to convey the atmosphere of the 13th century with the help of carefully selected costumes, stage props and grand scenery. Active preparation for the premiere lasted nearly six months.

The Genghis Khan play reflected the spiritual bound between two countries, said the Mongolian choreographer, Tugsuu Tumurhuyag.

“We have so much in common. Our roots and worldviews are similar. We show respect for our elders as well. I think all of this helped us to achieve a successful result,” she added.

Bright stage props, thematic music and costumes, reflecting the lifestyle of that era, managed to win the hearts of the audience. The artists convey the subtle and accurate image of the great conqueror, Genghis Khan through dance performances.

The premiere was timed to the Youth Year and the Day of the Kazakh capital.

Фото: inform.kz