Traditional Holiday Kymyzmuryndyk Held in Almaty Region

Traditional Holiday Kymyzmuryndyk Held in Almaty Region

Kazakhstan celebrates a traditional holiday of Kymyzmuryndyk every year.

The mare’s milking season event, which dates back to hundreds of years, is widely celebrated in Almaty region this year.

A yurt village has been established at picturesque pastureland where all visitors were treated to kymyz, which is known to be refreshing, nurturing and beneficial.

Also, a variety of Kazakh food has been served to celebrate Kymyzmuryndyk.

Kazakh traditions and customs were also demonstrated during the event. For instance, men attending the celebration participated in equestrian competitions aimed to handle wild horses, which is not an easy task and requires special skills.

70-year-old Kurmet Akanuly surprised the visitors as he managed to tame the horses.

Kazakh sports competitions were held at the event. Athletes showcased their skills in equestrian sports, such as audaryspak and kokpar.