‘Saltanat’ Folk Ensemble Tours in Belgium

‘Saltanat’ Folk Ensemble Tours in Belgium

Kazakh dance ensemble, Saltanat held successful performances in Belgium. The team took part in the 36th World Folklore Festival held in Saint-Ghislain, southern Belgium.

At the festival’s gala opening, Kazakhstan was presented as a country which brings together ancient traditions and modern developments, while the Kazak folk music was promoted as an artistic reflection of the Nomadic culture.   

The ensemble can perform a wide range of traditional dances of many cultures. However, the artists demonstrated only Kazakh folk dances in Europe to the music by Kazakh composers, including Kazakh traditional music pieces, such as Adai, Balbyrauyn and Bozingen.

Dances such as ‘Aldar Kosse’ and ‘Kairan Zhiyrma Bes’ were particularly well received by the audience in Brussels.

Organizers of festival were impressed by the way Kazakhs value their own culture and pass the traditions from generation to generation. It is the opposite in Europe, where folk traditions are becoming forgotten, they added.

“It is the first time I listened to Kazakh music. Even if we didn’t understand the language, we were enchanted by the melody and rhythm of the music. We felt the hospitality and the generosity of the Kazakh people,” said Katia van den Broucke, Deputy Mayor of Berchem-Sainte-Agathe municipality.

The audience was captivated by the performing skills of the Kazakh artists. ‘Saltanat’ Ensemble performed 10 concerts in Belgium. The team will also perform in France, Bulgaria and Poland.