‘Trails of Ancestors’ Project in Pavlodar

‘Trails of Ancestors’ Project in Pavlodar

‘Trails of Ancestors’ is a project launched in Pavlodar to promote the Kazakh customs and traditions, to introduce the younger generation of people to the intricacies of traditional crafts and lifestyle. As part of the project, Kazakh women met with the local youth to introduce them to the Kazakh cuisine.

Bakytzhamal Maksilova is happy to share her recipe of cooking the savory meat pastry, samsa. She recommends preparing dough with hands to enhance the taste and achieve a better texture. It is important to pay attention to ingredients in filling, she said.

‘It is better to mince the meat yourself than using purchased minced meat. I did not know that potatoes are also added to the samsa, so I learned about it today. I think it will be a delicious samsa, and a great skill to have,’ Kamila Vasilyeva, One of the Project Participants shared.

Cooking baursaks requires a special approach, too. There are many recipes of baursaks. Mixing ingredients properly, but also cooking with love to make them lush and ruddy are important, say the cooks.

Bakytzhamal Maksilova, head of ‘Nur Ana Alemi’ Public Association says they always celebrate the significant dates with the youngsters. ‘They are like our grandchildren now. Today we taught them how to cook delicious baursaks and samsa. This is how we introduce the youth to our traditions and customs,’ she said.

Meetings between these grandmothers and students of the Youth House are regular. In addition to culinary art, young people learn folk crafts. The project is aimed at reviving and carefully preserving national traditions and customs. It will allow the younger generation to expand their knowledge and skills.