‘Cultural Heritage of Silk Road’ Mobile Exhibition

‘Cultural Heritage of Silk Road’ Mobile Exhibition

The Great Silk Road is a bridge that links the East and the West. A traveling exhibition designed to promote the Silk Road has been launched in Kazakhstan. The exhibition will travel across Central Asia, Iran and Afghanistan. This is a joint European Union and UNESCO project that will last for three years. The exhibition will be opened in October 2021 and will also be held in every EU member state. The organizers say that the exhibition will allow the European visitors to learn more about the important cultural and historical heritage of the Silk Road and learn about some of the regional challenges. The project will help boost cooperation between the museums in different countries, the organizers believe.

‘The idea is to promote the common cultural heritage in these seven countries to find what kind of impact have the Silk Road and movement of people over millennia across these countries. How does this impact the culture that we have in these countries today,’ Krista Pikkat, head of UNESCO Cluster Office to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan told Kazakh TV.

‘The exhibition will follow the routes of the Silk Road covering the period from the 2nd millennium BC until the Middle Ages. Europeans will definitely find this exhibition interesting. The Silk Road was a center of ancient cultures. It is crucial to present Central Asia as an area linking different cultures,’ Atabek Aribdzhanov, deputy head of Uzbekistan's State Historical Museum commented.

Фото: unesco.kz