Gisele in Astana Opera: Famous Ballet Returns

Gisele in Astana Opera: Famous Ballet Returns

Astana Opera premiered a new production of the famous ballet ‘Giselle,’ premiered in Kazakhstan’s capital.

The touching story of a young girl who was betrayed by her lover was an immediate success after its first premiere in 1841 in Paris. To this date, the ballet is popular on the world’s big stages.

‘Giselle’ was staged in the capital’s theater for the second time: in 2015, as part of a tour, the Theater of San Carlo from Italy brought this ballet to the Astana Opera house.

‘Albert fell for Giselle and he wasn’t aware of what fatal mistake he made. In the second act, we see that Albert has completely changed. The performance is full of drama and each artist has his or her own interpretation of the character. Albert’s character leaves plenty of room for interpretation. It’s like a book: every time you read, you discover new elements to it. This is why Albert is still a mystery for me,’ Bakhtiyar Adamzhan, who played Albert’s part, said.

The new production was directed by the artistic director of Astana Opera ballet troupe Altynai Asylmuratova. The famous ballerina used to dance Giselle’s part.

Aigerim Beketayeva played Gisele. ‘I prepared this part with Altynai Asylmuratova. It is a pure joy. Since she had performed the part before, she knew every detail and intricacy of the part,’ she said.