Сhinese Artists Present ‘Manas’ Opera in Bishkek

Chinese opera singers presented a new production of the famous ‘Manas’ epic in Kyrgyzstan for the first time. The premiere is a story of great victories and heroism of the Kyrgyz warriors, depicting their love for the homeland. The premiere was staged at the Maldybaev Kyrgyz National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.

Each of the four scenes of the opera gave the audience not only aesthetic pleasure, but also the opportunity to plunge into the country’s rich national flavor. Chinese artists managed to convey the true image of their characters and the atmosphere of a distant time. The Chinese creative team visited the Kyzyl-Suu region to learn the Kyrgyz culture and mentality.

‘We have read almost all versions of the epos. The whole group went to Kyzyl Suu where Kyrgyz people reside. We have worked hard on this performance and I hope the audience will appreciate it,’ Zhumak Kadyr, adviser to the stage director said.

Turgunaaly Mamai, great-grandson of Zhusup Mamai was among the audience and spoke highly of the opera. His great-grandfather was a famous manaschy, the Manas expert who gave the world legendary tales resulting in 18 volumes of the epic in the original interpretation.

‘I have assessed the production not only as a descendant of Zhusup Mamai, but also as a performer. I want to thank the Chinese artists, who conveyed the images of our ancestors brilliantly,’ Mamai said.

Bright costumes, great stage props and professional performance of the actors surprised the audience, capturing their hearts. The original music written by the Chinese composer has fully conveyed the spirit of the Kyrgyz epic.

Фото: mir24.tv