Kazakh Capital to Host 15th Eurasia International Film Festival

15th Eurasia International Film Festival will take place in the capital of Kazakhstan on June 30 - July 6. The festival will feature film screenings, a variety of networking events and master classes on filmmaking.

There will be a lot of meetings and different workshops. I am confident that agreements and memorandums will be concluded as part of the International Film Festival. We have a lot of ambitious plans. Now there is a global change in the world of cinema. So we need to make some changes in film industry, too,’ Yermek Tursynov, president of the festival told Kazakh TV.

This year, American producers will attend the festival. They will meet with the local filmmakers to share experience and knowledge. Year after year, the Eurasia Film Festival is becoming more and more prestigious and is hoped to become one of A-class film festivals in the world.

Photo: today.kz