‘Star of Asia’ festival took place in Almaty

‘Star of Asia’ festival took place in Almaty

The international music festival, ‘Star of Asia’ took place at the Medeu high-mountain skating rink in Almaty. The 40 most talented singers from different regions of Kazakhstan took part in the festival. None of them has tried singing on the big stage, but they have gained great popularity in social media.

On this day, Mot, Dan Balan, Nazima and Ninety One gave concerts to the audience. In addition, the famous South Korean boys band, PENTAGON, performed at the festival as well.

Yerbol Sharipov, member of ‘Asia’ band highlighted that ‘Star of Asia’ festival is a very good platform and an opportunity for young performers to show their talent. He believes that it will become a good tradition in the future.

The ‘Star of Asia’ music festival is an annual international event that gathers more than 20,000 spectators at the Medeu high-mountain skating rink. This year, the event was broadcasted online in 118 different countries. 

Photo: inform.kz