Ancient Settlement of Saks was found in East Kazakhstan

Ancient Settlement of Saks was found in East Kazakhstan

A new burial was found in East Kazakhstan. An ancient settlement of the Saks was found in the Akbaur mountain area, which is called Kazakhstan’s Stonehenge. Sensational discoveries, such as stone graters, grinding devices, bones of domestic animals — all this indicate that the Saks led not only a nomadic, but also a sedentary lifestyle. Now, additional studies are planned on Akbaur.

Specialists from Kazakhstan and Russia suggest that several more settlements may be hiding under the ground. Scientists from Turkey and Azerbaijan will take part in the archaeological excavations. They will determine the status of various types of monuments located in the district, classify and date them. The artifacts found will be sent to special laboratories for complex analysis.

Archeologists stumbled upon numerous artifacts on the first layer. There were thousands of fragments of ceramic dishes, which are typical only for the settlements.

“That means people didn’t roam from place to place. This turned out to be the settlement of the very end of the Bronze Age, the beginning of the early Iron Age. It is just we needed,” said Zeynolla Samashev, archeologist, Doctor of Historical Sciences.