Dowry is Ancient Kazakh Tradition

A dowry is a property or gifts that a woman’s parents presented to the man she marries.

According to tradition, the parents used to prepare the dowry quite early when their daughter is still a child.

Particular attention was paid to the completeness of the dowry.  Back then woman’s relatives used to assist her to prepare the dowry.

Today, many brides use the services of professionals who are involved in preparing customized gifts.

Assel Uskenbayeva is a needlewoman who has been preparing a dowry for five years. She is very skilled in doing delicate works. 

She harmoniously intertwines traditions of antiquity and modern style in her work.

The craftswoman uses her unique style when sewing blankets which are an integral part of any dowry. Her products are different from many other gifts. 

According to Assel, in different parts of Kazakstan, there are some differences in preparing the dowry.

“We don’t have many types of bedspreads in the north, although in the west, there are different types of them,” she said.

There are also several types of pillows. All this is an important part of the woman's dowry.

Craftswoman believes that it is very important not to forget traditions of the ancestors.