Yerzhan Maksim to Give Big Solo Concert in Kazakhstan’s Capital

Yerzhan Maksim will give a big solo concert for the first time. Today, the most famous Kazakh schoolchild admits that he could only dream of it. Now the 12-year-old singer will have long hours of rehearsals in order to create his own repertoire. Khabar Agency will support the young talented singer. The agency has become a general information partner for the upcoming concert.

According to Arystanbek Mukhamediuly, Kazakh Minister of culture and sports, the first solo concert of Yerzhan Maksim will be held on June 28 at 7 pm in the Central Concert Hall.

In addition to new compositions, the audience will listen to the famous ‘Blue Eternity’ by Muslim Magomayev. Yerzhan will also sing ‘Adagio’ by Lara Fabian which was his final performance in the Russian show. The Symphony Orchestra will accompany the rising star at the concert in Nur-Sultan. The organizers also promise duets and trios with Kazakh pop stars.

“We are overwhelmed with emotions. When he was seven years old, he had a charity performance in Uralsk. This is another level. This is Yerzhan’s first big concert,” said Gulmira Alibek, Yerzhan Maksim’s mother

Moreover, a documentary film will be presented for fans of Yerzhan. The shooting of the film has already begun. The film will be shown in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

“Khabar Agency is filming a documentary about the life of Yerzhan. The film crew has filmed a lot of unique shots in Uralsk and used materials of Khabar's own correspondent in Moscow,” said Rinat Kertayev, Deputy Chairperson, Khabar Agency.

Yerzhan admits that participation in international competitions creates prerequisites for further creative growth and significantly expands his network. After the vocal show in Russia, a famous composer and producer Igor Krutoy invited Yerzhan to study at the Music Academy.