Milana Bukanova: Culture Through Prism of Dancing

Milana Bukanova: Culture Through Prism of Dancing

Milana Bukanova, a ballet dancer at the Astana Ballet theatre, works hard to improve her dancing skills every day.

During rehearsals, she performs bar exercises to perfect her movements and improve her techniques.

The ballet dancer said that long-hour rehearsals and constant self-improvements are the ways to ensure success in her career.

“I was involved in the performances as both solo dancer and as part of mass performances in plays such as the Nutcracker and Salome, produced by Mukaram Avakhri. I was also the Blue Carmen in the ballet Carmen.”

“I had solo parts in the productions by our Brazilian choreographer, Ricardo Amarante. We perform various plays including classical, neo classical and Kazakh traditional dances,” Bukanova said.

The graduate of Kyrgyz National Conservatory easily underwent the highly competitive selection process in Astana Ballet in 2013 and became part of the ballet team.

The native of Kyrgyzstan performs on the most prestigious stages worldwide together with Astana Ballet.

“I believe that our capital, Nur-Sultan can be named as the ballet capital of Central Asia because ballet dances have vast opportunities here. We have the opportunity to tour and demonstrate Kazakh culture abroad,” Bokanova said, adding that the theatre tours up to six times a year.