Nur-Sultan hosts the blockade Cello exhibition

An exhibition on the cultural developments in the besieged Leningrad opened in the First President’s Library.

The items exhibited include graphic drawings, a portrait of Dmitry Shostakovich, Leningrad Speaking engraving dedicated to Soviet poet Olga Bergholz, theater poster, pictures of choreographic school students as well as personal belongings and musical instruments of artists and intellectuals.

Deputy Director of the Kazakhstan First President’s Library, Kulyaysha Aktayeva said that the exhibition is organized by the First President’s Library and the Saint Petersburg State Museum of Theater and Music.

The event is part of the Dialogue through Culture project.

“We had a common idea of organizing a unique exhibition and we formed the collection based on this criterion. The collection includes unique historical and extremely rare items which are not usually exhibited outside the Saint Petersburg State Museum of Theater and Music,” Aktayeva said.

According to experts, the blockade demonstrated the people’s willingness to create in any circumstances. Despite the hunger and cold weather, the residents of Leningrad created artworks and preserved cultural values for their descendants.

The collection includes 35 exhibits which allow the visitors to experience the besieged Leningrad’s environment and feel the people’s courage. 

The historical exposition which features exclusive items of the besieged Leningrad is open to the residents and visitors of the Kazakh capital until June 2nd.