Kazakh Drama Film ‘Aika’ Presented in Berlin

The famous drama film ‘Aika’ was presented in Berlin at the Hackesche Hofe cinema theatre recently.

The film has won various awards at prestigious international film festivals while its main actress, Samal Yeslyamova has won the best actress award at Cannes Film Festival.

The Kazakh actress shared her experience on shooting Aika, which took six years to complete.

She said that during the years of filming, she did not change her hairstyle and she had to maintain a certain diet and hid from the sun in order to not be tanned.

“The film has become part of my life. The role is very important in my life and I will never forget it. I portrayed a big love, showing the connection of a mother and her child,” Yeslyamova said.

The film ‘Aika’ will be shown the cinema theatres in Leipzig, Potsdam, Dresden and Mainz.

Meanwhile, Kazakh capital hosted a screening of two local short films directed by alumni of San Francisco Film School.

One of the films, ‘I am going to Paris,’ directed by Murat Yeszhan, conveys a story of a young girl who dreams of living in Paris. The second film, ‘The Coin’ is directed by a winner of Bolashak scholarship. The film was funded by the Kazakhfilm studio. The script written by Yeszhan was listed in the 100 best American screenplays.

Yeszhan said that ‘The Coin’ stirs deep philosophical thoughts in the spectators.

“These thoughts may cause someone to worry about the fate of a child, to think about prioritizing needs and goals, to avoid ruining a child’s life as well as pursue goals and unfulfilled dreams,” he added.