Uzbek Drama Theatre Presented Play Based on Kazakh Novel in Tashkent

Uzbek Drama Theatre Presented Play Based on Kazakh Novel in Tashkent

Uzbek Drama Theater from Shymkent, Kazakhstan presented a production based on a work by Kazakh writer, Sabit Dossanov ‘When a Wolf Howls’ in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

The novel is based on actual events and the plot revolves around a married couple and their children. It focuses on the contradictions in society and covers a wide range of various challenges.

According to actor who played the main character of the novel, Zhavlon Sayitov it took him significant efforts to connect with his character.

“It is a great responsibility for me. I was worried if I can fully present the image of my character because Sabit Dossanov and his families attended the premiere of the play.”

“I did my best to show the qualities of my character as well as his philosophy and aspirations. I tried to demonstrate the image, which the writer had described in the book,” he said.

The novel was translated into Uzbek language and adapted for the theatre production by writer and journalist, Mekhmon Islamkulov. The play was directed by Uzbekistan’s famous cultural figure, Saifuddin Meliyev.

The drama involves different styles such as lyrics poetry, prose and phantasy.

The Uzbek Drama Theatre will also present the play in another four regions in Uzbekistan with the final showcase will take place in Samarkand.

As part of the Year of Kazakhstan in Uzbekistan, more than 200 various political and cultural events are planned in the country.