Trails of Nomads Expedition Continues its Journey to New Countries

Trails of Nomads Expedition Continues its Journey to New Countries

The Trails of Nomads expedition has embarked on a new journey to Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey in search to uncover the mysteries of Kazakh nation.

The expedition aims to learn about the Kipchaks, the Turkic nomadic people who lived during the Middle Ages. The team also plans to visit the batter fields and find out what impact the nomads have left on the lives of people currently living in the territories.

The expedition leader, Sapar Iskakov said that the team will first visit Samshvilde fortress in Georgia, which was once used to be guarded by the Kipchaks.

The team will also find out about the Kubasar, the Georgian commander of Kipchak origin.

“Our ancestors ruled in almost 23 countries. I have never heard of any other ethnicity, whose people were promoted to become sultans, khans and emirs after arriving in a country as a slave. The present-day Kazakhs are the only ones,” he said.

The Kazakh ancestors include many tribes such as Kipchaks, Adais, Naimans, Kereis and Zhalairs.

The Trails of Nomads expedition begun in 2016 and the team have visited 36 countries. They plan to visit another 50 countries by 2021.

The expedition uncovered various historical facts, studied various manuscripts and created 70 documentaries based on their findings.

“We found 23 books in Kyiv written in Kipchak language using the Armenian alphabet. The books are kept in an institute of ancient manuscripts in Kyiv. We also found four similar books in a book depository in Yerevan.

The Trails of Nomads expedition will end on May 7th in Turkey where the expedition aims to learn more details on the relations between the ancient Kazakhs and the Ottoman Empire.

The documentary is available on social media and is being broadcasted on Kazakh TV, Khabar and Khabar 24.