Astana Ballet Introduces Backstage Tours for Visitors

Astana Ballet Introduces Backstage Tours for Visitors

Astana Ballet has launched weekly backstage tours for local residents and foreign visitors, as part of the Kazakh capital’s agenda to increase the number of tourists.

The tour package includes visits to the theatre to see the works being conducted behind the stage such as costume tailoring, make-up and hair as well as the practices done by ballet performers.

President of Eurasian Tourism Organization, Rysty Karabayeva said Astana Ballet is the first theatre to organize the tour to the public.

“I think this is a very good start. The city becomes more attractive to foreigners with the increasing number of such interesting facilities,” she said.

Astana Ballet had signed a memorandum with a number of tourism organizations recently for the backstage tours.

Director of the ballet theatre, Aleksandr Sovostyanov said the tour program can help increase the number of tourists coming to the capital city.

Each tours are different with unique ideas to continuously attract visitors to the theatre, he said.

Meanwhile, Astana Ballet will introduce new performances this year such as ‘The Legend of Love’ by Arif Melikov, ‘A Journey of Memory’ and ‘Cinderella.’