El Arna Channel Broadcasts Kazakh And International Films 24/7

El Arna Channel Broadcasts Kazakh And International Films 24/7

The best classics of national cinema and modern films, dubbed Kazakhstan’s Golden Fund, are available 24/7 on El Arna channel.

Besides the different genres of historical movies, documentaries and feature films and thematic TV programs, there are also films from other Central Asian countries and Turkic nations that are shown on the channel.

Director of El Arna, Arman Seitmamyt said last week the channel organized a week of Latvian cinema and every week the channel will organize one week of classic films from overseas.

“There will be films nominated for Oscars or films that have been awarded the Palme d’Or in Cannes or the Golden Bear at the Berlin festival,” he said, adding that the tradition will be continued.

Sitmamyt also said the tradition of organizing weekly global classical films will be continued for El Arna.

El Arna was officially launched in March 2017 as a local TV channel that shows Kazakhstan’s films, serials, documentary and short films as well as educational programs.

This year, El Arna will start broadcasting TV programs on theatrical performances and life on the stage.

“Not only Kazakh theatrical performances, but also Russian, German, Uyghur and Korean theatres will be shown. We also plan to film and broadcast puppet shows for children during the weekends,” Seitmamyt said.

Every year, El Arna pays special attention to support young filmmakers. In honor of its birthday, the channel announces a competition for the best scenario for a short film on gaming. 

Photo: 24.kz