Virtual Tour of Philharmonic in Uralsk Officially Launched

Virtual Tour of Philharmonic in Uralsk Officially Launched

A virtual tour of the historical Garifulla Kurmangaliyev Regional Philharmonic is officially launched online on the center’s website.

Director of the Philharmonic center, Askhat Kazhgaliyev said the 3D online tour is launched to attract more tourists to visit the 19th century architectural monument in Uralsk.

“People can access the building of the Philharmonic from their homes. They can find a virtual tour of the building on our website. This is one of the most beautiful places in our city,” he said.

The virtual tour project is part of the 110th anniversary celebration of Garifulla Kurmangaliyev, the People’s Artist of Kazakh Autonomous Socialist Soviet Republic.

He was a popular opera singer, composer and actor.

Student of the late Kurmangaliyev, Saule Taudayeva said the memory of the great artist will always remain with artists worldwide.

“There is a great need for national art. Today’s new talented singers and folk music performers continue to follow his path, she said.

Photo:  uralskweek .kz