Ankara Hosted Kazakh Food Festival

Ankara Hosted Kazakh Food Festival

Turkish capital, Ankara hosted Kazakh food festival with a table full of delicacies of the Great Steppe.

Organizer, Gulmira Shazhanbayeva said 120 kilograms of smoked and freshly cooked horse meat was brought to the event as well as 30 liters of kumyz and shubat.

She added that the event was held in the city for the first time.

Visitors of the event tried the Kazakh delicacies and expressed their love for the national cuisine.

“Kazakh and Turkish people have common origins and similar languages. But our cuisines are different. We mainly cook lamb and beef. I tried horse meat for the first time and I liked it,” local visitor, Fulya Saglik said.

Another visitor, Muharrem Tuna said he drank kumyz and shubat and thought that they tasted similar to ayran.

He said organic beverages in Turkey can only be found in rural areas.

The food festival was a success as it welcomed many visitors who mostly tried Kazakh food for the first time. They also watched a theatre performance at the event, which was organized by local drama group, Otau.