Alla Ilchun: The Kazakh Who Became Christian Dior’s Muse

Alla Ilchun: The Kazakh Who Became Christian Dior’s Muse

The official recognition of the world’s first supermodel, Alla Ilchun is being prepared by Kazakhs residing in Paris.

Ilchun was a Kazakh origin, who moved to the capital of France with her parents in 1917. Her father, Zhuankhal Ilchun was from Almaty while her mother, Tatiana was Russian.

President of the Associations of Kazakhs in France, Berlin Irishev said it is important for the local French people to know that the famous designer, Christian Dior’s muse was of Kazakh origin.

“We want to provide another example of Kazakhstan’s success in the fashion industry to our younger generation,” he said.

The Association of Kazakhs in France is also working on a documentary film about Ilchun.

Meanwhile, a book presentation on Ilchun’s life and successful modeling career was held in Paris recently. The initial copies of her biography were sold out within several days in Kazakhstan.

Ilchun used to work as a dishwasher in Paris before meeting Dior by accident after replacing her friend for the Dior Fashion House fitting.

The famous couturier instantly liked her and she became not only a top supermodel but also his muse.

It is believed that she was responsible for creating the ‘cat eye’ makeup.

Meanwhile, paintings of Ilchun were showcased at the ‘Portrait of Muse of Dior’s exhibition in Kasteyev Art Museum in Almaty in June last year.