Unique Exhibition of Miniature Sculptures Opens in Astana

Unique Exhibition of Miniature Sculptures Opens in Astana

A unique exhibition of miniature figures has opened in Astana. The collection of artworks includes miniature statues of historical figures, mythical characters and famous characters from Kazakh fairy tales and folk epics. The collection contains more than 60 items carved out of bone and wood by famous Kazakh sculptor Ruslan Dzhunussov and his apprentices.    

“Sculpting is an interesting visual art form which is just gaining momentum in Kazakhstan. I am currently the only artist who creates miniature sculptures. However, I believe that I will be joined by more artists over time. I teach students in order to promote the art form and create school of local sculptors. I am planning to increase my collection with miniature sculptures of characters like Zhirenshe Sheshen, Hodja Nasreddin, Tazsha Bala and epic hero Koblandy Batyr,” sculptor Ruslan Zhunussov said to Kazakh TV.

Ruslan Zhunussov has exhibited his works numerous times. Hundreds of his miniatures can be found in personal collections in the United States, Germany, Russia and Ukraine. The artist is set to promote the art of miniature carvings and make sculpting popular among the young Kazakh artists. His exhibition in Astana is open for public until April 15th.

Photo: sputniknews.kz