Gold of the Great Steppe Exhibition in Moscow

Gold of the Great Steppe Exhibition in Moscow

The latest discoveries of the ‘Gold of the Great Steppe’ exhibition were presented in Moscow, Russia by Kazakh archeologists.

The event displayed extensive collection of jewelries, weapons and household items which were discovered during the excavations in Shilikty, Berel and Yeleke Sazy burial sites in East Kazakhstan region. The burial sites are also known as Berel Valley of Rulers.

Moscow State University President of History Department, Sergei Karpov said the displayed items demonstrate the ancient cultural origins of the nomads, who lived in the territory of Eastern Kazakhstan 2,500 years ago.

“The artifacts are valuable for the entire humanity and are of a great historical and esthetic interest,” he said.

A reconstructed copy of a Berel horse in festive burial decorations was one of the most popular displayed items at the exhibition.

Kazakh Ambassador to Russia, Imangali Tasmagambetov said the event testifies the magnificent historical and cultural heritage of the nomads in Eurasia, particularly Kazakhstan.

The exhibition is opened in Moscow until March 24.