Kazakh Nomad Club Opens in New York to Promote Kazakhstan in USA

Kazakh Nomad Club Opens in New York to Promote Kazakhstan in USA

Kazakhstan club Nomad has been opened in New York University by Kazakh students as they aim to promote Kazakh art, culture and traditions in the foreign country.

Nomad Club President Darkhan Munaitbassov said the promotion of Kazakhstan would indirectly contribute to the development of tourism in the Central Asian country.

“We also established the club for the Kazakh students studying in the United States to feel at home. At the club, the students can share their culture, traditions and customs with students from other countries so they can learn more about Kazakhstan and possibly visit Kazakhstan in the future,” he said.

Munaitbassov also said the opening of the club is a historical event as it coincides with the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan.

Kazakh diplomats in New York have also expressed interest in the Nomad Club. They said that the club can be used as a platform to promote Kazakh cultural projects.

“The establishment of this club can potentially serve for the development of relations in many sectors, including tourism. We see a growing interest towards our region. I believe that Nomad club is the first organization of this kind in the university,” Kazakhstan Consul General in New York, Zhanibek Abdrashev said.

The Nomad Club also provides Kazakh language classes at the New York University for students who are interested to learn about the country as well as its language and culture.

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