Exhibition in Atyrau Presents Ancient Sarmatian Artifacts

Exhibition in Atyrau Presents Ancient Sarmatian Artifacts

‘The Pearl of the West’ exhibition is opened in Atyrau, showcasing ancient Sarmatian artifacts that are kept in the museums of Atyrau, West Kazakhstan, Mangystau and Aktobe regions.

The event was held to promote the sacred sites of Kazakhstan’s western regions and present the country’s ancient history globally.

Member of Munich Association of Kazakhs in Germany, Suleimen Shatkam said the event helped play a significant role in educating Kazakhs, particularly who are born and raised abroad, to learn about the history of Kazakhstan.

“They know little about Kazakhstan’s historical sites and it is important to educate them. Events such as this play a significant role in building cultural bridges between people,” he said.

The exhibition is part of the international Local History Forum, which was attended by leaders of Kazakh diaspora in Germany, Hungary, Uzbekistan and Russia.

The leaders emphasized that the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity Program has prompted the mass exploration of the ancient Kazakh history and culture through Kazakhstan and abroad.

Chairman of Hungarian-Kazakh Foundation, Onaisha Mandoki said the program is important for the spiritual modernization of both Kazakhs and Turkic people.

“Hungarians who share common origins with Kazakhs are interested in the developments aimed at the preservation and promotion of the spiritual and cultural values.”

“We conduct joint Hungarian – Kazakh research works and we also have the Kipchak studies educational program in our universities,” Mandoki said, adding that there are many Hungarians who are learning about Kazakhstan.

Photo: baq.kz